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[Warning] Rules of our community!

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Greetings and Asalam o Alaikum!
Folks! I'm goin' to make an announcement after looking at the last unban appeal.The announcement is about some strictly rules for admins and if they aren't going to take care of these rules they'll be directly demoted or a flag removal even if they are staff members, these rules applys to everyone, here are some rules.
@1- If an admin banned a guy for any reason the suspected admin is not allowed to closed/unban/deny the unban appeal.
PUNISHMENT: Direct demotion.
@2- As an admin your duty is to be friendly with everyone (if you see anyone with bad behaviour take ss inbox me), cooperates with the players.
PUNISHMENT: Warn or flag removal.
@3- You can ban players if they are insulting very hard (Exceptions for Founders and Creators because they can do anything, i mean if they don't misuse powers).
PUNISHMENT: WARN or direct demotion (exceptions can be made).
@4- If you see any admin changing the map before 30 rounds Each Team take a screen hit me an inbox. (Exceptions for staff members).
PUNISHMENT: Direct demotion.
@5- Admin's ignorance and ego is against the rule, if you see any admin showing his powers or ego of adminship take ss and hit me.
@6- Do not ban players if they aren't giving scan just ask everytime if they still not obeying you can ban for 1-3 hours after they get unban ask for scan again.
@7- Respect Girls Specially and all players
@8- Respect higher level admins.
[KZ]√ Pak Gamers √
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