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[INFO] PG :: When Recording a Demo ::


Staff member
Dear PG Admins,

I have been reviewing many demos so far and it seems like our Admins don't know the way to record faster. At the beginning of the round, you guys can press "CTRL" on the keyboard and press the FIRST letter of the player's name that you are spectating.

Example : You want to spec Andy, press CTRL, then press A, it will automatically jump to my name. If you have 2 or 3 people in server that start with the same letter, keep pressing that FIRST letter more until it jump to that guy.

How will we benefit from this?: Well, it's obviously help Admins to jump to the player faster, and ofc it helps DRs to review the demo better and faster. There might be sometimes, that player kills someone and you haven't clicked to him yet, then when you click to him, he's dead. You don't want that happen. So I think, this knowledge should be good for you guys.

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