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Frost's Admin Application.

In-Game name?: [MR]~Fr0sT-RocK$
Real Name(optional): Taimoor Ashraf
Talk about yourself: My Previous community has been closed and since then I am on the search for a new community for weeks / months. I've recently gone through many communities and I can proudly say that this is one the most fair, high rated & hard working community. I've a special leadership skills gifted in me & I think I have a great sense of humor ( as my friends told me ) , that allows me to see both sides of a situation and handling a situation in the best way possible.
Your adminship experience(will be tested): I've been admin / owner / co-owner in many communities other than this. I've experienced the bad days as well as the good days of a community. Although I've been playing Counter-Strike 1.6 for about 5 Years my experience with adminship would be about 2-3 years. Being part of some big communities ( I will not likely mention because of privacy still if you want their name PM me ) have forged me well and I think I am ready for a test whenever you like.
How can you make the admin system better?: Although I think the admin system in the server(s) is beyond good. Making it better would cost hard work, dedication and time and after achieving a point where I could really make a difference I will make the community proud and hopefully my actions won't cause a lose in the community.
Did You Read Our Community Rules: Of course, I did!
Age?: 17
Steam id (Write Status in console):

Your gametracker record (must): Email me here, If you want it.
Any 5 Amx Commands(important):
amx_ban (bans someone), amxmodmenu (opens up a menu where you can use amx commands through a interface), amx_kick (kicks someone), amx_cvar (used to edit server properties), amx_csay (Displays a message on the screen).
Be open minded and choose carefully, your decision can change someones day from being worst to the best.

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