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Event Suggestion Format

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This board is for a very self-explanatory purpose, suggest the events you would like the Event Team to host. Before suggesting, make sure of the following things:
  • Make sure that you recommend events that CAN be done by administrators.
  • Make sure the event you're suggesting isn't already suggested/already exists.
  • Try to put only ONE suggestion in each thread.
  • Explain your suggestion using images (not necessary), it'll increase the odds of it getting accepted/implemented.
  • Be creative.
  • To suggest an event, make a thread with the following format:

    > Explain briefly, what is the Event about?:

    > If you could host this event, how would YOU do it?:

    > What would you call it? (Suggest a catchy name for the event you're suggesting):

    NOTE: If your suggestions aren't brief enough, they'll be instantly denied. And if they are implemented, you will be awarded with in-game cash.
Not open for further replies.

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