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Apply For PG Public <3

In-Game name?:Hamd!*
Real Name(optional):Hamdan Albalushi
Talk about yourself:I m nooB
Your adminship experience(will be tested):gaming 9 Year Adminship 2 year
How can you make the admin system better?:No Abuse No CheaT Inshallah Better
Did You Read Our Community Rules: YeaH
Steam id (Write Status in console)::STEAM_1:0:956161811 0 01:04 135 0
Your gametracker record (must):https://www.gametracker.com/player/Hamd!*/cs.pakgamerz.com:27015/
Any 5 Amx Commands(important):amx_ban amx_kick amx_slay amx_slap Aur Bhai aj kal GooGle M Se Dekhta hai Log xd!
Phele Acpt hogya tah PHir Apne Denied kr diya Ab Accpt KrLo ">? Aur Gt Kam Han Because Ap Log itna Re kRta ho >.<

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