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[ACCEPTED] Adminship Request

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Admin of Server
In-Game name?: Asta-//
Real Name(optional): Izaan
Talk about yourself: kinda Silent human being i don't talk much, currently Studying Fsc 2nd year,
Your adminship experience(will be tested): None Yet , i can learn pretty fast and i know how to and when to use these cmds.
How can you make the admin system better?: Well... i never abused anyone or used any bad words in my life so i think thats something i managed to pulled off in a country like pakistan where swearing is common among the teenagers, Sooo i can try my best to maintain the atmosphere on the server and keep the hackers away and i am pretty active nowadays on the server since my exams are about to end.
Did You Read Our Community Rules: Yep.
Age?: 18
Steam id (Write Status in console): STEAM_1:0:1977645972
Your gametracker record (must): https://www.gametracker.com/player_info/index.php?nameb64=QXN0YS0vLw==&host=cs.pakgamerz.com:27015
Any 5 Amx Commands(important): amx_kick , amx_say ,amx_slap, amx_slay ,amx_ban
Not open for further replies.

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