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[DENIED] [18-4-2018] Applying for Public Server..

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In-Game name?: Mr.FreedoM^_^/A/
Real Name(optional): Alee Haider
Talk about yourself: I am Alee Haider. I belong to a middle class family and as a distraction from family problems, i use gaming platform which is my general hobby nowadays. I study in class 9 and currently Board Examinations are in process so i am kind of busy studying and can't give my time to server.. Just a casual 1 or 2 hours of gameplay in 1 or 2 days... I live in Karachi and i was born here. I am 14 years old... I am available on Facebook, Teamspeak 3 and Discord. I have headphone but lack of Microphone.. Can't talk much but can listen everything... I have a laptop on which i play games.. Mostly play CS and sometimes Dota aswell...
Your adminship experience(will be tested): 4 Months

How can you make the admin system better?: After my exams.. ( 16 April ) I will be active 4 or 5 hours a day and i will try my best to mostly focus on player problems, hackers, suspicious players and so on rather than playing and focusing on my score.. Will co ordinate to higher admin if needed.
Did You Read Our Community Rules Yes
Age?: 14
Steam id (Write Status in console): STEAM_1:0:147316870
Your gametracker record (must):
Any 5 Amx Commands(important): AMXMODMENU for all.. amx_slap... amx_ban... amx_slay.. amx_kick
Follow the following format and don't be a moron in appeals,


Dude, I'm a bit impressed from your application but your GT rank is not fair for an admin but i will not let you down which means I'm going to deny this and you have a week or two to increase rank and to be active.
Give a re-apply after a week.

Date is set to 18th of April.
Not open for further replies.

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