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  1. AliBaloch

    Can yOu GiVe Me AdminShiP

    your Fb ID?
  2. AliBaloch

    post karo

    post karo
  3. AliBaloch

    [ACCEPTED] Adminship For EGC PUBLIC

    #accepted come pm fb.com/alibaloch264
  4. AliBaloch


  5. AliBaloch

    [Patent] Who want's a clan war

    Ok @JonRex FYI
  6. AliBaloch

    [Patent] Who want's a clan war

    yes drop IP okay
  7. AliBaloch

    [ACCEPTED] Need Adminship

    send your GT rank
  8. AliBaloch

    [ACCEPTED] admin apeal in classic server

    #pending waiting for few votes.

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